How do the pages of Facebook 

For some time, Facebook has launched pages that allow the instrument to promote a site, service, group or anything else through a kind of storefront. Friends who arrive on the page can click on the "Good"to become a fan and then receive messages on their bulletin board. To create a page simply go to the menu items and pages "and follow the simple instructions.

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The Help of Facebook 

When you happen not to know how to do un'operazioe on Fecebook, you can access the guide by clicking on the "Help" menu of the Accounts. You will find many topics categorized and will be very easy (thanks to the internal search engine) to access the content you want.

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The Facebook chat 

One of the fastest ways to find a friend on Facebook it to type his name in the search engine available on the site. You'll see a list of photos and among these will be able to choose your friend. At this point you should submit a request for friendship: your friend have to declare to know you and accept your friend request. When he has accepted the request, you can surf in his message board and share information.The Facebook caht

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Welcome on Fecebook 

On this site you'll find tips and tricks on how to use the social network and particularly Facebook. We are talking about the larger Internet community with more than 500 million subscribers. Every person who joins Facebook provides their name and upload a personal photo. In this way anyone can search for a friend and add him as a friend. Facebook allows us to stay in touch with people and to exchange information with them.

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